Welcome to the Durham Beat online shop. Here you can find our merch, zines, and original prints. Nearly all of our products are locally made by us, our business affiliates, and our artists partners.


Durham Beat is a dedicated local arts & culture publication practicing in the style of Gonzo Journalism. In lieu of the traditional models which exist for print magazines, we have chosen a different path: a dedicated single-story zine called The Owlephant. Designed to be a space for ideas, our print magazine is a free space that can take on any form, from critical essays to photojournalism to creative non-fiction to collaborations with artists. We are committed to high quality and locally-sourced printing for all of our magazines. In fact, many of our zine covers feature original artwork by local artists whom we have commissioned to fashion their own rendition of our Owlephant. When you buy a Durham Beat zine with an artist-designed cover, know that ten percent of every zine we sell with that cover goes to that artist. Our commitment to supporting our local art scene runs deep within the fabric of our very existence. It’s why we do what we do.

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The Moogfest Zine, the first zine from Durham Beat. The Moog Zine, titled, “Moogfest: What Am I Doing Here?” is a ten thousand word first-person present tense gonzo narrative of the experience of covering Moogfest 2018 as a gonzo journalist. This forty-five page whirlwind was written entirely by The Editor of Durham Beat and features a local Durham artist-made cover. A limited release. Only 50 were printed. Few remain…

REUPCYCLE Look Book, a fashion look book and artist profile zine collaboration with Cool Boy 36. Featuring an in-depth artist profile on Cool Boy 36 and his artistic endeavors written by The Editor of Durham Beat, as well as ALL ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPHY by The Editor, this zine is a coming together of artistic mediums to create a totally unique limited edition artwork made for and by Durham Locals. A limited release. Only 36 were made. Get yours now. They will not be printed again.

REUPCYCLE Preview, a photobook zine collaboration with Cool Boy 36. A black & white photobook featuring pictures by Durham Beat photographers and collaborators documenting the REUPCYCLE collaboration between Cool Boy 36 and Durham Beat. Essentially a “making of” this zine was created to provide a visual insight into a unique cross-disciplinary artistic venture between two local artists, Cool Boy himself, and The Editor of Durham Beat.


We have some very talented photographers and other artists working with and for Durham Beat. We have taken a number of our #durhambeatoriginal photographs and turned them into hand-made postcards. Most of our photographs can be made into various sized prints upon request. Please contact to discuss a custom print of any of our photographs. Many of our current photos live on Instagram. Follow us there to see our photos!

Available Now:

“Live Writing” Postcard; photograph by The Editor
“Eller’s Banjo” Postcard; photograph by The Editor
“Brick Alley” Postcard; photograph by The Editor
“Durham By Night In Water” Postcard; photograph by The Editor
“Magnolia” Postcard; photograph by The Editor

“Punk Show Bathroom” Postcard; original photograph by The Editor









Available Now:
Tees Tanks: All of our shirts were locally printed by one of our artist affiliates, Durham Short Run Shirts.




Buttons: 1.25in x 1.25in button with our Owlephant logo on it.




Stickers: 2.13in x 3in die-cut sticker of our Owlephant logo.