The Staff

Adair-Hayes Brown, Writer

Adair was born and raised in Raleigh by Durham natives. Never guessing she’d end up in Durham, she moved here in 2017 and is loving every minute of it. A copywriter for clinical research by day, Adair enjoys writing for fun, amateur guitar-picking, traveling, listening to far too much music, exploring Durham, and spending time with her family, friends, and cat, Prudence.

Zoe Carmichael, Writer

Zoe was born and raised in North Carolina. The two things she takes very seriously in her life are grits and Nina Simone. She wants to bring back the word “groovy”. She knows how to make a mean margarita. Was last seen on the highway, pushing her classic Volkswagen Beetle towards an unknown destination.

Matia Guardabascio, The Editor

A resident of Durham, an ex-Bostonian, a long-time writer, editor, and purveyor of the arts. Matia identifies as a woman, a music lover, and a gonzo journalist. She is a keen supporter of local arts and believes strongly in the intrinsic value of the arts in everyday life. She enjoys dining alone, drinking beer with friends, and walking. Matia is known for her dry wit, her kind heart, her awesome hats, and her dapper af style.

Stephen Mullaney, Writer

Educator, writer, noise/visual artist and explorer the underbelly/underground of art, education and aggressively relaxed lifestyles. Stephen Mullaney has traveled nationally and internationally sleeping in the dirt, living in vehicles and getting into and out of “wild situations”. He plays in the band The Wigg Report with his wife and local artist Christine Fantini. He prefers to arrive by bike and leave just before the authorities arrive.

Valentine Ndambiri, Community Outreach Manager

Between modeling, composing music, and curating events, Val is a woman of many talents. Born in the highlands of Nairobi, Kenya and raised in Bull City, she truly is the perfect balance of beauty and brains. Catch her alongside the Editor, searching for local artists and vendors to promote.

Dalvin-Earl (DJ) Nichols, Photographer/Videographer

Illinois born and North Carolina bred. Inspired by the nostalgia of all things 80s video games. My passion as a photographer is to build a meaningful visual experiences for North Carolina Musicians and their audiences.

Sinclair Palmer, Contributor

Bass player and music writer and graduate student. They/them, please! Born in Durham, raised in Raleigh, grown in Greensboro, flowered back in the Bull City. Recovering violist. One of my most recent pieces of writing limits the scope of cultural appropriation, another tracks the effects of gentrification on the music communities of Raleigh and Durham. Combatting white supremacy and neoliberalism with informed thought and general badassery.

Riley the Photographer

I’m constantly daydreaming about logistics and infrastructure problems. How will we manufacture insulin as the world changes? I’ve got one too many projects, but I’ll always be happy with my camera. Born and raised in Charlotte, now living in southwest Virginia. You can find me on Instagram at @odetomyday.

Ari Sanders, Writer

Human by birth, Carolinian by choice. Older and more sober than I’d like to be, but in the best possible mood about it. Here to tip my glass to you.